is the sustainable part of your waste management

Oman Maritime Waste Treatment LLC

facilitates the Port of Sohar exclusively by collecting all types of waste from ships.  Service covers both seaside and land-side collection.

Technique and high standards are brought in by co-founders and prominent companies in environmental solutions: Khimji Ramdas and RE-Sustainability (Ramky Enviro Engineers).

Practices are supported by Nature Group with over 30 years of worldwide experience as leading maritime and oil & gas waste collection and treatment company.

We extract and purify water from oil contamination, and we put effort in recovering waste itself to its best next use.

What’s more..

Choose for our special built waste collection tanker vessel, or either landside services with skips and trucks,  providing:

  • high-speed sludge discharge  with our end-of-line booster pump
  • 120 meter hose length
  • 640 cbm tank capacity for slops
  • STS provisions and arrangements ready taken care of
  • 50 CBM deck space for garbage
  • free Jumbo Bags for garbage disposal
  • 5 cbm skips ashore alongside as per your convenience.
  • All types of waste accepted
  • Waste Receipt drawn up before departure (24/7)

Are we any good?

Our vision is to set the standard for efficient and environmentally conscious waste management in the maritime sector.

Our mission is to provide the best option for keeping seas clean.

  • We’ll be in time as promised.
  • We’re easy to contact and clear in communications.
  • We work safe and tidy, according to your standards.
  • We find sustainable destinations for your waste.



Sohar offers you waste disposal services for all MARPOL categories, within your planning of time, your standards of safety, and your expectations of costs.


We care about our seas. Let us manage your waste in a sustainable manner and leave all the arrangements to me.


It is part of our corporate culture to do things right. Our ambition is to set the industry standard of safe and sound waste management.